Our Approach

We Check’s dynamic and innovative approach begins with identifying your brand’s strengths and opportunities for improvement as the foundation for a proactive continuous improvement plan. We work with you and your results to strategically build progressive improvement, focussed on achieving your brand’s full potential.

We Check understands the Customer Experience Research Cycle. Our business model below illustrates the relationship between Mystery Shopping—our core competency—and other methods of research and support that together provide the best spectrum of service. Augmenting our expertise in Mystery Shopping through alliances with experts in the five other steps allows We Check to be your “one stop shop” for all your research needs.

We Check Business Model

  1. Identify your business’s revenue opportunities: If you need to identify your top-performing products or services (largest margins, most popular or highest brand positioning opportunity), we analyze your products and services, assign merchandising, retailing experts and statistical analysts to your project.
  1. Document your customer’s expectations: We Check recommends customer satisfaction research such as customer/consumer surveys and focus groups to document your customer’s expectations.
  1. Set service performance standards: After Steps One and Two are completed, our team helps you identify the products or services that are most important to your business and your customers. This step also determines the professional service you need to successfully communicate the standards across your organization.
  1. Train front-line staff: After defining new or renewed standards, our team can work with your organization to train your staff on the new procedures and operations for service excellence.
  1. Mystery shop: This is our core competency. After you have trained, coached and allowed your staff the time to practice the service delivery of the new standards, we launch your mystery shopper program. With a network of literally tens of thousands of shoppers, We Check conducts shops across the nation even in the most remote areas.
  1. Align your performance with your standards: Clear and consistent communication — and well-designed methods for delivering results to your management and front-line staff — are essential to the success of any mystery shopper program. Employee engagement at this stage is vital to help achieve front-line staff and management buy-in necessary for continuous improvement. Results, recommendations for improvement, and actions plans are delivered through an on-line reporting system and/or a written executive summary.

Customer’s needs are continuously changing. We Check helps you identify and respond to these needs 24/7.