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Register with us!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mystery shopper with We Check! The following information explains the quick and easy steps on how to register with us, and how you will learn about mystery shop assignments in your area. By clicking on this registration link, you will also be guided through the complete steps of registration.

Step 1 - Registering into Our Online Shopper Database

On the webpage titled “Shopper Sign Up Form,” you register into our online shopper database, SASSIE, by creating a profile that contains your contact and demographic information. SASSIE is where all of our mystery shops are assigned and where you will be filling out the mystery shop reports. It is also where you can browse our Job Board of mystery shop assignments.

On the “Shopper Sign Up Form” under “New Shopper”:

  1. View “Shopper Sign Up Form” page
  2. Choose your preferred language and select “GO”.
  3. Enter your email address and select “GO”.
  4. Choose your country (Canada) and select “GO”.
  5. Now fill out your profile.
  6. Remember to also fill out the “Extended Shopper Profile,” a separate form/link that can be found in your shopper profile. The details you fill out in this extended shopper profile will ensure that you receive targeted opportunity emails as they pertain to the information checked off in this form.

Step 2 –Mystery Shop Opportunities!

Once you are in our shopper database, you will receive opportunity emails when there is a mystery shop assignment in your area. Please check your Inbox and Spam/Junk folders regularly for our emails! Whitelist us with your email provider. In addition to our opportunity emails, we also usually post mystery shop assignment information on our:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter page
  • Sassie Job Board – The Job Board in the Sassie Shop Log is showing location needs for mystery shoppers, however, assignments will be assigned with a fictitious due date until field operations resume
  • Mystery Shopper Providers Association (MSPA) Job board – the MSPA is an association of legitimate mystery shopping member companies where many of them post their shop assignments. View the MSPA Job Board.
  • “Call-ups” board in the Become a Shopper main section

How to Make More Money as a Mystery Shopper with We Check!

Often the success of our mystery shop projects is due in part to getting referrals from our current shoppers. We might have mystery shop assignments in cities that have specific requirements (i.e. the shopper must own a particular make of vehicle for a service shop OR must be within a certain age range for a compliance audit, etc.); therefore, we ask our current shoppers if they know anyone that might be able to help us out. Referral bonuses are paid to shoppers that refer friends or family to complete shopping assignments that we are in urgent need of filling. You will receive a specific referral bonus email from our schedulers and the referral bonus will be paid in response to that email.

If you refer new shoppers to us, in response to the referral bonus email, they will provide your name as how they heard about us when they sign up!

How can you spread the word and make more money on referral bonuses?

  • Forward our opportunity emails to friends and family
  • Like our Facebook page – this way you will see our posts and learn about any contests we are running for finding more shoppers!
  • Share our Facebook posts with your friends
  • Retweet our Twitter tweets
  • Like our YouTube videos