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Do I have to claim the money I make from mystery shopping on my Income Tax?

As a shopper, you are an independent contractor. As such, you are "self-employed" in this regard. It is important that you be aware of the Federal and Provincial income tax reporting regulations for the province in which you live. You are responsible for reporting this income where/when required. Please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website to learn more about how to declare your mystery shopping income or ask your accountant.

Can I work my own hours?

Yes, as long as you conduct the shop within the assignment location hours of operations and the deadlines of the shop requirement. Your report must be submitted within the timelines requested. In particular, there may be specified shop times. All shopping assignments have a due date which must be observed. Shoppers should always verify required dates and times for shops in the opportunity before accepting assignments. Shoppers may not receive payment for shops conducted outside of the client's shop time and date parameters.

Can I fax or scan my receipts and then send them to you?

No. Due to an increase in fraudulent receipt submissions we require that all submitted receipts be the original cash receipts only. For our mystery shop assignments that require a purchase, you will have to upload a clear photo/scan of your receipt or invoice into the mystery shop report as proof of visit. After you have done that, you must mail us the original receipt/invoice. Receipts are used as proof of visit and correct location; therefore, no copies (fax or scanned) can be accepted. You should always keep a copy of your receipts for your own personal records in case they get lost in the mail. Depending on your assignment, failure to submit the original receipt may delay or prohibit the timely processing of your pay.

How long does it take to receive payment?

Please allow 30 to 45 days from the date of your finalized shop to receive payment or, where applicable, 30 to 45 days from when we receive your original cash receipts in our office. Failure to submit any receipts in a timely manner may further increase the processing time.

What method do you use to pay shoppers?

We Check currently processes payments to shoppers via PayPal. If it is your first mystery shop assignment with us, and you don’t have a PayPal account, we can process your first payment via cheque; however all subsequent payments must be done via PayPal. To learn more about PayPal and its benefits and how to sign up, please go to our PayPal section.

Whom do I notify if my contact information changes?

If your contact information changes, log in to the online reporting system (SASSIE) by visiting the Shopper Login part of our website and update your Shopper Profile. It is important that all of your contact information be accurate in case we need to reach you regarding an assignment and also to ensure that payment is sent to the correct mailing address or PayPal email account.

Failure to have your shopper profile up to date with your current address could mean that your payment is not sent to the correct location. This error will cause us to have to re-issue your pay, and a fee will be deducted from the pay to cover the administrative fees associated (such as stop payment fees from the bank).

The same holds true for Pay Pal information. The email address you use in SASSIE MUST be the same email address for your Pay Pal account. Errors in payment due to contact information not being updated costs us money in time spent dealing with the issue and getting pays reversed. These errors will delay the time it takes for you to receive payment as there is a waiting period for the funds to be returned.

We highly recommend that you review your shopper profile information every six (6) months to ensure that the most up to date information is there. You could have changes with respect to your demographic profile that have occurred since your last update. Some of our mystery shops are assigned to a specific target market, so ensuring that your shopper profile is up to date means that you will receive the opportunity emails that apply to you!

Do I have to be an MSPA certified shopper to get assignments?

No. The MSPA offers a certification program to shoppers (online test). While these certifications may enhance your knowledge and understanding of what mystery shopping entails, they are not mandatory in order for you to receive assignments with We Check.

What does the shopper grade mean? How does it work?

All submitted reports are examined by We Check Report Reviewers to ensure compliance with the shop guidelines. After each completed shop is examined, a grade is given to the shopper for that specific assignment. A perfect report might be given a 10, which means that all timelines were followed, the assignment appears to be carried out according to the guidelines and the comments were clear, concise and in the required quantity. And, good communication has been carried out during the process.

A score of five or less could be due to:

  1. Numerous grammar corrections required (10+)
  2. Mediocre detail
  3. Multiple minor inconsistencies
  4. Some work done improperly
  5. Lots of “back and forth” with the shopper
  6. Report was submitted late.

Any scores between a six and nine are due to variations of any or all of these aspects. You may receive an email note from the Report Reviewer once the report is finalized with comments about your report.

How do I know that I have completed a shop correctly?

Each report within your Shop Log will indicate “Received” if it has been submitted properly. The status of the document will be indicated in brackets as “Completed”, “Incomplete”, or “Finalized”. When you are finished with a report, make sure that you select the “Complete Shop and Submit” button at the bottom of the page and not the “Save Shop for Later” button.

You will be contacted only if there is a question for clarification or inconsistency in your report. You may be contacted if your report did not respect established deadlines, was carried out incorrectly or if there is a request to clarify or expand upon your comments. You should always respond to any of these requests within 24 hours. If you are not contacted, then in all likelihood your report was submitted correctly and your pay will be issued on schedule, or as soon as we receive your receipts (if applicable).

Sometimes I think I may be missing opportunities, assignments or emails from your company. Is there anything I can do to ensure I am receiving them?

Yes. If you have an email service that might filter out (Junk Mail) spam or any unknown email addresses, be sure to “white list” the We Check domain and our online reporting system's (SASSIE) email addresses to your "favourites" or "my contacts" profile within these email accounts. This will help to ensure that you receive all of our mystery shopping opportunities. Failure to do this could mean that many opportunities are sent to your junk mail or trash folders.

In addition, to ensure that you are not missing out on opportunity or assignment emails, please make sure that you have set your “Get Shop offer emails and Shop Notifier Mobile Alerts” to ON in your Shopper Profile in Sassie.

Once I receive an opportunity or assignment email, how will I know what to do?

Our opportunities and assignments are carefully worded to include all of the information you will need to proceed. Opportunity emails give a general description of the type of mystery shopping assignment being offered and indicate how to apply if interested. Assignment emails are sent to shoppers that have been chosen for an assignment. The assignment email will indicate how to proceed to access specific guidelines for the shop and how to access the questionnaire. Contact information for a We Check Project Coordinator will always be included within all correspondence. If you are unclear as to how to proceed, just send an email or give us a call and we will help clarify any questions or comments you may have.

If you send me an opportunity for an assignment, am I guaranteed to get the assignment?

No. All of our opportunities are sent to shoppers from our database. Each assignment opportunity is processed to shoppers by geographic area and shopper profile. The following are some key factors we use, but aren't limited to, when considering a shopper for an assignment:

  • Shopper's speed of reply (first come - first served)
  • Shopper's proximity to shop location
  • Shopper’s availability
  • Shopper’s reliability (proven track record - conducts shops according to guidelines; keeps within deadlines; good writing and communication skills). Each shop you do with us will be graded on these items.
  • Shopper certification
  • Shopper profile (must fit with client's requested profile)

If you always respond to an opportunity but are never selected, don't give up. With all the responses we get, it likely means someone just responded a little faster or that you didn't meet the exact shopper profile this time.

How do I find out about We Check opportunities and assignments?

When an assignment becomes available in your area you will receive an email with information about that assignment. Read the email in its entirety and reply accordingly (if you wish to accept the assignment). You will be notified by email if you are selected as the shopper for that particular assignment.

Most of our assignments are also posted on the SASSIE Job Board. You sign into your SASSIE account and go directly to the Job Board and sign up for a mystery shop. The scheduler will see that you have signed up for a mystery shop and can assign it to you through the Job Board. Once you have been assigned the shop, you can confirm that you will do the mystery shop directly in your shop log. If the mystery shop was assigned to a different shopper, you will get a denial email to let you know.

You can also download the free Shop Notifier App to your mobile device through SASSIE With this app, you get instant notifications when an assignment is posted to our Job Board.

NOTE: Not all of our assignments are posted to the Job Board.

Can anyone be a mystery shopper?

Anyone can be a mystery shopper if they are trustworthy, objective, good communicators (verbally and written) and keen observers. Being a mystery shopper with We Check also requires that one has access to a reliable computer with Internet/email hook-up, a smartphone comes in handy for note-taking, GPS functions and online reporting.

Is mystery shopping fast and easy money? How much do I get paid?

Some mystery shops pay better than others, but only rarely do people make a living at being a mystery shopper. This usually involves registration with multiple companies and would consist of doing many mystery shops a month. We Check does not make any advance claims of possible remuneration or guarantee a consistent and reliable flow of mystery shopping assignments. Based on our experience, we can tell you that most assignments pay between $4.00 and $30.00. In some instances, we have had assignments that pay shoppers $100.00. The time requirements and reporting affect the fee. If purchases are required, usually they are reimbursed or are calculated within the shopper fee paid. Either way, you’ll be informed in the opportunity email.

Is mystery shopping just like filling out an opinion survey?

No. We are not seeking your opinion of what happened during your shop. Our clients are more interested in knowing what happened or didn't happen during your customer experience, and whether or not your observations of the business operations and staff were in accordance with the company's standards and expectations.

How soon after I register will I receive assignments?

That depends on a number of factors. Once you have registered you are automatically placed within our shopper network. The contracts we have in your area and the amount of available shoppers are variables that may affect the frequency and availability of assignments. We Check does not make any guarantees regarding the frequency of assignments.

Is it free to become a mystery shopper?

Yes. You can become a mystery shopper by filling in our independent contractor's agreement and non-disclosure agreement on our website. Afterwards, you will be directed to one final registration on our online reporting system (SASSIE). You will never be asked by We Check to pay money to be a part of our mystery shopper database. You may, however, elect to become a certified shopper with MSPA, which does cost a fee. The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) offers a Silver and Gold Certification Program.