Customer Experience Measurement

As with all relationships, good impressions are everything.

Customer experience is where the rubber meets the road for making a real connection with your market. The consumer’s impression (positive or negative) of your brand happens at any touch point—marketing, branding, customer service, support, in-store experience; or use of your product, service, or website.

Measuring each aspect of your brand’s resulting customer experience provides an honest and detailed understanding of your product, service and staff performance.

We Check specializes in these crucial metrics through:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Service Techniques
  • Social Media Reaction
  • Merchandising
  • Facility Checks
  • Competitive Shops
  • Audio-recorded Shops
  • Call Centre Monitoring
  • On-line Customer Contact/Service Assessments

Then we help you interpret the findings both internally and within the framework of today’s marketplace.